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Rainbow Dot Glitter Mix License Plate Frame

Rainbow Dot Glitter Mix License Plate Frame

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♥ Materials: Epoxy Resin, Glitter

♥ Unfortunately, these are not able to be customized with sayings, words, or images. The ways I am able to create these images/words have not been tested and I wouldn't want to sell a product that I'm not confident in lasting a reasonable amount of time.

♥ Sizing - Car Frame - Overall: Approx. 12" W x 6.25" H - screw holes cut outs are approx. .75" w x .5" h

Screw holes start approx. .25" from the left side (From the left most portion of the top of the frame to the start of the screwhole) and approx. .25" from the right side (From the right most portion of the top of the frame to the start of the screwhole). The screwholes from edge to edge are approx. 6.25" apart.

The inner dimensions of the frame are approx 4.5" H x 11.25" W (tallest point, in the middle of the frame so the areas under the screws are approx 4")

The bottom bar of the frame is 1 ¼" wide

♥ Epoxy is essentially plastic when cured, with this there are limitations and the product should not be considered invulnerable. Please use caution when purchasing if you have experienced issues with plastic car accessories on the outside of your car in the past. 

♥ Some colors may fade quickly in extreme direct sunlight. Please take caution if you live in an area where your car or the frame may be exposed to intense amounts of sunlight. Ambicide Designs is not responsible for replacing faded frames because of the multitude of variables that go into the fading of anything meant for outdoor use. Ambicide Designs does not hold a guarantee on the life of this product due to the multitude of variables the frames may experience outside.

♥ Ambicide Designs will not replace frames that are warped or damaged due to improper installation or usage. 

♥ Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth or wash with warm, soapy water. Not dishwasher nor microwave safe.

♥ Each resin item is handcrafted, slight imperfections are possible, like small bubbles, tiny scratches from the original mold, hairs, or dust. The best care is made to prevent these imperfections from occurring and each item is hand inspected prior to packing and shipping.

♥ The color of the item may differ slightly from the photos due to lighting.

♥ Created with love in the U.S.A. 

♥ Questions? Feel free to drop me a message!

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